Care & Support at NHS Nightingale Bristol

Patients that have a clinical need for ongoing intensive care will be transferred to NHS Nightingale Bristol, at the UWE Bristol Conference Centre. This is the best facility for them at this stage of their treatment.

Patients will be transferred by the South Western Ambulance Service under the care of a team of specialist clinicians. During this transfer, patients will receive intensive care on the move. 

The property of patients being transferred to NHS Nightingale will remain behind at the hospital they are being transferred from.

Visiting the hospital

To keep you, and the staff who will be caring for our patients safe, you will unfortunately be unable to visit. We appreciate how difficult this will be for you and have established a support line for you to receive regular updates.

24-hour Family Liaison & Support Hub: 01249 79 2220

Regular updates provided to you

We understand how difficult it is for you knowing that you can’t visit your family and friends in our care.

To help you through this time, our family support liaison teams will contact the nominated next of kin for each of our patients, soon after their transfer to our hospital, and then once each day between 9am and 9pm unless there is a change in their condition.

You can also contact our 24-hour Family Liaison & Support Hub on 01249 79 2220

Spiritual and religious care

We would like to reassure you that your relative will be able to receive support from spiritual and religious care representatives of various faiths and beliefs if they wish.

Please be assured that we will contact you and that your relative will be given all the care and support that they may require.